A True Story of How I Eliminated Procrastination and find peace in my life


Hello, my name is Monica, and I was a perfectionist. I figured out that it was bad when I burned out and my health and relationships started to collapse.

I would like to tell you my story about my problems and how I managed to overcome them. Now I am much better and can objectively judge my past actions. I think my experience will encourage You to take burnout and overthinking seriously.

During December 2021, I wanted to be everywhere and close all my tasks and goals by the end of the year. Gifts, heavy workload, personal relationship issues- all this drove me crazy. I remember one morning I just didn’t want to get out of bed.

I noticed certain symptoms but did not know how to identify them. I thought it was just ordinary stress.

  • I felt overwhelmed.
  • I had difficulty concentrating.
  • Holding onto negative beliefs.
  • Becoming or being easily bored.
  • Started to be afraid of failure.
  • My energy levels were low.

Quite fast, it started to have a negative impact on my work results. I could not focus my attention, and constant brain fog became every day experience. I thought it will be temporary, but it started to affect my performance; my boss started to notice it and suggest to take a few weeks of holiday. I am really thankful that he didn’t fire me.

After visiting a CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapist), I was diagnosed with work-related mental procrastination. So I was wrong – it was not stress – it was way worse. Burnout and procrastination is long-term stress that can lead to serious mental and physical health issues.

My therapist told me that it happens when you work harder and harder, becoming frantic in your pursuit of success. If you experience this, you may be willing to risk your health and personal life to feel successful in your job.

I was overloaded with everything. I had to do something to help myself.

The Cure

Together with my therapist, we managed to establish a link between burnout, procrastination about my problems and other types of stress. It was a slow and time-consuming process. Moreover, individual sessions were very costly. It gave me extra stress, because I could not work full-time and I had to pay my bills anyway.

I have also tried a cheaper but still popular method – I got prescribed anti-stress drugs to reduce burnout and procrastination. At first it was ok, but later it started getting worse and worse. I felt like I was under water. I felt isolated and detached from reality. I could not keep with my goals and deadlines, as I just couldn’t think straight.

A Friend

But…at the end of december I met a former colleague while doing groceries. I knew that she also had problems with her mental health in the past.

We used to work on some last-minute projects, however she was very different now than she was back then. She used to be quite anxious and sad. Now she looked happy, fresh and emitted positive vibes. It felt like a 180 degree transformation.

I became very curious and asked about how she managed to do it. She was very happy to share her experience with me. She told me that due to perfectionism, she just became overloaded with things and it simply led to procrastination.

She also tried various solutions that just simply did not work. I could relate to it as well and asked her where the secret of her finding happiness was.

She told me that one day she came across a website called virtuemap.com. It looked like a simple test with a few questions about her mental health.

She answered those questions and got a customized Procrastination plan. She simply gave it a try, because there was nothing to lose anymore… It led to experiencing life-changing results. I saw it with my own eyes.

Final Thoughts

I came to a conclusion that procrastination regarding my mental health problems was the main cause of overload and that it led to mental burnout. Analysis paralysis was also the problem, as I tried to think more about my actions. The more I was thinking, the worse I felt. Those negative feelings clouded my judgment and I was not able to take any course of action. I was thinking about the past and worrying about the future, therefore I could not be present. All this led me to constantly feeling swamped, overwhelmed, emotionally drained, emotionally depleted. So in order to deal with burnout, I need to deal with overthinking first.

I came to realize that long-term and consistent actions always win against short-term solutions. One step at a time and small gains can reprogram your mind.

That’s why this program has been so effective for me.

I have managed to change my routines and eliminated PROCRASTINATION completely, and I will always remember 2022 year as the best year of my life!

What would you do if you had an itch? Scratch it right away right? You wouldn’t ignore it, so using this example, I started treating any tasks I had to do the same way…and guess what?

I started looking forward to my future rather than worrying about it. My procrastination started fading, I felt whole again.

I got my self-esteem and confidence back. I no longer felt like a burden on my family and friends. All of this has made the biggest difference in my life as a mother, a friend and a professional.

To think retrospectively, everything started with a simple quiz.

If you are suffering from burnout and procrastination, then you can reclaim your peace and live procrastination free, too, and live a life worth living.

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