Feel Like There’s No Way to Stop Procrastination?

Like no courses, hacks, or advice can help?

I’m going to share my story of 9 years battling procrastination and how this one unique strategy finally helped me win over my life.

“I’m never going to get this done,” I said, flabbergasted. I was talking to myself but my girlfriend overheard me.

“Get what done?” she asked.

“Any of it. Look at me, Beth! I’m a 30-year-old man that can’t get a single thing done ever. I’m a failure!”

I Was Looking for Any Sign That Would Help Me Change

I had been hoping that trying these new tactics to stop procrastinating would help. It’s been a problem of mine for years. Nine of them, to be exact.

I’m not even sure how I made it through college. Just by the skin of my teeth. I loved group projects because they covered the work for me.

Fake it until you make it was my mentality, but it was bogging me down. Maybe, just maybe, the next thing I’d try would work and I could count myself as a fully-functional adult that could manage tasks and time and get things done. Maybe.

But as I stood in front of the mirror lamenting for what felt like the thousandth time, my optimism had faded away. It gave way to fear of never getting things done. Then disgust at myself for being such a wreck. And here I was, now angry with myself for being a disappointment.

My latest attempt at taking over from procrastination had failed yet again. And I was coming to the realization that everything I tried had one thing in common…ME.

“Why can’t I figure this out?”

Believe me, I tried ALL the things they say to try to stop procrastinating. I was told if I just broke the work down into small steps, I’d be able to get things done. All that did was make me do the easy things. And then I was left with a mound of tasks that felt impossible.

I made lists. SO many lists. But then I’d misplace them and feel even more lost and anxious than ever before.

I signed up for classes. Then I’d always find something else that came up…I was too tired after work, I needed to clean my windows…you name it.

I tried organizers and self-help books too. I have a bookcase full of self-help books about procrastination and trying to let go of perfectionism. Can you guess how many of them I’ve finished reading?


I did start them all though. I stopped when I began to feel overwhelmed. I had hoped they would help me manage my time but it all turned out to be a waste of time.

The final straw for me was when I hoped to get a promotion at work. I wasn’t selected and I fell down my shame spiral once again.

Nothing was working to get rid of my procrastination. Until I realized something.

Most solutions that exist in the market are completely ineffective for the same key reason…
They aren’t made specifically for you. See, you and I are different and have our own unique ways. What works for you might not work for me, and vice versa. So, how can we expect that our problems with procrastination can disappear using the same tactics?


Once I realized this, I knew that the solution to my 9 years of procrastination could only be effective if I found something that was tailored to me. Because we all procrastinate for different reasons, I had to identify those first.

I set out to do that, and that’s when I found an anti-procrastination plan that changed everything for me.

What can an anti-procrastination plan do?
For 9 years, I floundered around and let the stress and anxiety get to me. With my anti-procrastination plan though, it helped me to understand my reasons for procrastinating.

There is always a reason behind it. And the key to getting rid of procrastination is to find that reason. By looking at the underlying behaviors and the WHY, I finally became a more efficient person.

After taking a quick quiz, I was given my own solution to stop me from holding myself back. I felt like the haze had finally lifted thanks to the tools this plan gave me to get out of my self-made slump and become a success.

The anti-procrastination plan provides tools for daily accountability, trackers, worksheets, and content. There’s also an app with tools, systems, and support groups.

I went into this thinking I had nothing to lose, though I was incredibly skeptical since nothing else worked.

Then again, nothing else was developed personally for me and my needs. With productivity systems and tools, I was able to improve my focus and stop procrastinating. The daily guidance from success coaches kept me accountable so there was no way I could just shrug off what I needed to do.

Now that I’ve learned where my procrastination is rooted and got the tools that will help me with my unique problems, I have been able to get things done. I feel better about myself, and more confident too.

And when another opportunity for promotion came around, guess who got it? Me!

How to get your own anti-procrastination plan

Look, you’re probably reading this because you’re procrastinating something, aren’t you? Well, spend a few more minutes doing something that will really help you. Take this quick quiz and you’ll be given your own personal procrastination score and a plan to help you get rid of procrastination.

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