How to Harness Self-kindness for Improved Productivity

In our efforts to be and do more, we don’t often think of being kind to ourselves. However, kindness can help us become more productive because it helps us achieve a healthier frame of mind that’s more conducive to getting things done. 

Here, we share five unique productivity tips to help you learn how to be more productive while showing kindness to yourself.


Self-Kindness and Productivity

Research has shown that productivity and happiness are linked. In fact, people who are happy tend to be more productive.

Instead of blaming yourself for not accomplishing your goals, be kind to yourself as you invest in your productivity. When you treat yourself with kindness, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be better motivated and accomplish more.


Simple Strategies for Being Kinder to Yourself for Maximum Productivity

What are some productivity strategies that involve self-kindness? Here are five easy productivity tips to do just that:


1. Take Regular Breaks

Take frequent breaks throughout the day to help increase your productivity levels. Contrary to what you may think, taking too few breaks will make you feel tired and low on energy. Meanwhile, taking more breaks helps you maintain or even increase your energy, focus, and productivity.

When you feel low on energy, it could be because your brain is fatigued. All your efforts at performing tasks, controlling your behavior, and staying focused depend on your brain’s limited energy reserves. Once depleted, you become less effective and efficient.

Taking breaks at certain times during the day helps your brain replenish its energy and perform better. It also helps you work more intentionally and mindfully so you can come up with creative ideas and solutions. Moreover, it allows you to reflect on your work and find meaning in the tasks you do. This eventually improves your productivity.

If you’re wondering where to start, an ideal daytime break should be 17 minutes for every 52 minutes of work. Use these numbers as a starting point and incorporate regular breaks into your routine to improve your focus and productivity.


2. Break Down Complex Tasks

If you have to work on big projects that are complex and unstructured, create a proper flow and structure for them. Break them down into simple tasks and list everything you need to get done to make your projects more engaging.

It will also help you achieve a state of flow. This improves performance and productivity as you can work longer without experiencing mental or physical fatigue.


3. Practice Gratitude

What are your top 3 productivity hacks for getting things done? The top 3 productivity hacks are taking breaks, simplifying tasks, and, most importantly, being grateful. Every night, recall three things you’re grateful for. This trains your brain to feel happy and think positively. It’s certainly one of the best daily productivity tips.

Gratitude helps your brain identify positives more consciously. As your brain gets better at it, it uses this new pattern to perceive situations and developments. 

This keeps you happy which is crucial for productivity.


4. Journal

Write down your positive experiences to boost your productivity. Journaling or recording your positive experiences at the end of each day allows your brain to find meaning in your life. Over time, this practice trains your brain to experience joy by subconsciously recalling the most meaningful and positive experiences of your day.

This creates a lasting effect on your productivity by improving your self-esteem and motivation.


5. Be Your Own Go-To Person

When you face a challenge, be your own go-to person and think about how you can overcome it. Do as much as you can with your own resources before turning to others for advice. Chances are, you’ll discover that you’re capable of solving more problems than you think which will improve your self-esteem and boost your productivity.

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