How Your Own Fears are Holding You Back (And What You Can Do to Move Forward!)


Why Fear of Feedback and Judgement is Pushing You to Avoidance

Everyone has fears, but when they stop you from starting tasks, it’s time to get the one solution that will remove that blockage and help you succeed!

You know that old saying, the one about not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. But for procrastinators, it’s not quite that simple.

You’re not lazy or unmotivated when you’re a chronic procrastinator. In fact, you’re quite the opposite. You want to get things done. You have that drive to do so, yet there is something that’s preventing you from getting started.

While procrastination can have many different root causes behind it, for many, it’s that fear of not being perfect. And that fear can lead to performance anxiety, making the task at hand seem like climbing Mount Everest.

Think about the last time you had to handle a certain task. How long did you spend planning it? How long did you keep yourself in that continuous loop until you realized you had little time left to finish it off?

Perfectionists are often the biggest procrastinators of all. Here’s why!

Why Do Perfectionists Procrastinate?

When you’re a perfectionist, you want to make sure you get everything done perfectly. As such, this need to have everything just right may lead to performance anxiety. Just thinking of performing a task can make you so anxious that it may be impossible to start or even complete it.

There’s also a heaping dose of self-judgement that goes along with this. You may feel like you aren’t good enough yet are trying to balance that with your need to make everything perfect. All the while, you fear what others will think about you and struggle with meeting your perception of their expectations.

And of course, you may have unrealistic expectations of yourself on top of that. The pressure you pile onto yourself may cause you to put things off again and again.

If you’re experiencing performance anxiety, a skewed perception of yourself, or trying to uphold unrealistic expectations, all of these negative patterns can hold any perfectionist back. What it all boils down to is that it is your own self-esteem keeping you in this holding pattern of procrastination.

And if you want to move forward and be a success while freeing yourself from these debilitating thoughts, you’ve got to address the cause.

Getting to the Root of Your Fear of Failure

When performance anxiety, perfectionism, and your own self-judgement stand in the way, you need the tools to face them. But you’ll only keep on avoiding making the changes you need to make if you do the same things as everyone else.

You may have searched for tips on how to overcome procrastination, tried to read books, and follow other advice before. None of that will work though because it is generalized advice. It’s well-meaning, but it’s like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t really do anything at all.

What you need is something that is tailored to you as an individual. Everyone has their own fears and hang-ups. Everyone has a unique reason they’re avoiding things they need to do.

Virtue Map is different though. It helps you stop wasting time, set goals, and get things done. It gets you unstuck so you can grow and live your life without cowering from those feelings inside.

How? It gives you a map of your own personal psychology so you understand the when, why, and how behind your procrastination. Once you see where this is rooted, you can follow the curated plan made just for you so you can change your ways with success.

What the Virtue Map Does for Procrastinators

With the Virtue Map, you will release that stress and guilt. You’ll stop judging yourself and beating yourself up while leaping over those hurdles that previously halted you.

This personalized step-by-step program gives you the keys to overcoming procrastination once and for all. It starts with daily tasks that are created for you by a behavioral psychologist and certified success coach to help boost your productivity and improve focus. You get daily guidance that holds you accountable so you won’t shrug it off, plus quick tasks for you to complete each day to help you stop fearing what you or others think.

You’ll stop holding yourself back with these completely customized tactics for tackling procrastination in all areas. From career to relationships and finances and emotional life, you’ll have all the motivation you need to step over that performance anxiety and be that successful person.

Take the Free Quiz and Get Your Anti-Procrastination Plan

All you need to do to bust that performance anxiety, perfectionism, and self-judgement is spend a few minutes taking this quick quiz. Virtue Map asks all the right questions to help formulate a completely customized and comprehensive anti-procrastination plan that will help you achieve your goals and renew your spirit.

Stop getting stuck in this cycle. If you’ve tried everything else, you know it doesn’t work because it isn’t made just for you. Virtue Map solves that problem by creating a tangible program that is tailored to your thoughts and emotions so that you can finally quit procrastinating and start living the life you deserve.

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