I can’t understand what’s stopping me from starting.


I’m not particularly lazy, in fact I’m always doing stuff! But when I try to do what really matters to me…I can’t see to keep consistent for more than a few days, some weeks at maximum.

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What’s going on with me?

Instead of doing my work, I went online and did some research about procrastination (the habit of delaying things).

Here’s what I found:

“You don’t procrastinate because you are lazy. Or unorganized. Or even stressed out.

You procrastinate because you’re unable to effectively regulate your own emotions — a trademark symptom of ADHD.

This is not a wild new theory; it is the finding from multiple research projects dedicated to studying procrastination.”
It’s not that you don’t know what you want. Or that you don’t know how to get it.

You know exactly what you’re supposed to do, you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Is it ADD, or am I just a procrastinator?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can be a cause of procrastination. Many people with ADD have trouble focusing on one task for extended periods of time, because their mind rapidly finds something more interesting to focus on.

But you don’t have to have ADD to procrastinate. Here are 7 reasons why people procrastinate:

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Reason #1: Just before doing the work, inner talk demotivates us. We wonder, is it even worth trying?

Reason #2: We can’t get to work because we need some fun to get started. This usually means eating a bag of cookies before finishing that essay.

Reason #3: We don’t start to work because we can’t see how everything fits together. We wonder if this plan makes sense at all.

Reason #4: We won’t work unless there’s a good reason for it. A hard deadline is the only thing that will get us moving.

Reason #5: We can’t start until everything is perfect. We fear making a mistake, and protect ourselves by never getting started.

Reason #6: We have too many options and can’t figure out which one to choose! You pick something and then change it because you fear there’s a better way.

Reason #7: Our self-worth is destroyed by negative feedback. Others’ have criticized us so much, that we fear making new mistakes.

Do you see a pattern here? It’s FEAR.

The real reason why we procrastinate is fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, and even fear of success!

We don’t know what will happen if we start taking action, so we decide not to do anything at all.

Pretty different from “just laziness”, right?

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How to stop procrastination in 3 steps.

Ok, so let’s do this together. Here’s what helped me stop procrastination and start becoming a high-achiever:

  1. Discover your procrastination type. There are many reasons why you might delay things! Knowing why you don’t get started will make that much easier to solve the problem. If you don’t know your procrastinator type, this test will help you.
  2. Create a plan that makes sense to you and is doable. Need more rewards? Use them. Need to see the big picture? Print it out! The key is to know yourself so you can create a plan you can stick to.
  3. Transform your identity. Smart people know that habits stick when ‘it’s just who we are’. If you want to exercise for life, adopt the identity of an athlete. Similarly, if you adopt the identity of a high-achiever you will never (or rarely) procrastinate.

Once you do those things, life will change radically. Can you imagine setting up goals and actually achieving them?

You could get the physique you want, the job you dream of, and the relationship you seek. Everything would be possible!

That’s why I can’t recommend enough Virtue Map. With just a 3-minute quiz you can know your procrastination type, and have real psychologists create a custom plan to achieve anything you want.

When I did the quiz, I got the first plan I stuck to and got me results. After years of trying to move forward with my life, I can finally say I’m done with procrastination FOREVER.

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