8 Ways To Improve Your Willpower and Be Strong


Willpower is the mental strength that allows us to regulate our behavior, overcome challenges, and achieve goals. Having more willpower can help us make better decisions and lead happier lives. Over time, it can also make us more successful in our careers and relationships.

Here are a few things you can try so you can learn how to gain willpower and self-discipline:


1. Set Specific, Achievable Goals

You can develop willpower by making yourself goal-oriented. But don’t set just any goals — make them specific and achievable. When you achieve something you set out to do through consistent and planned effort, you’ll feel good about yourself. This will encourage you to plan and keep setting realistic goals while teaching yourself how to strengthen willpower.

If you don’t feel too confident about yourself or are new to goal-setting, start with a small goal you feel comfortable with. As you progress and develop resilience, set bigger and more long-term goals.


2. Track Your Progress and Create Milestones

As you move towards your goal, track your progress so you know how close or far you are from achieving it. Break down a huge goal into smaller, more manageable milestones to make them seem more attainable.

If you aren’t making enough progress, you can evaluate any roadblocks and address them to ensure that you still meet them. However, if you’re doing well —


3. Reward Yourself 

The right rewards can make all your effort seem worthwhile and motivate you to increase focus and work harder. The way you feel about yourself is important so make sure you give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made. 


4. Avoid Temptation

One aspect of having strong willpower is the ability to focus on what you want while avoiding things that take you farther away from the life you want to lead. 

Temptations are aplenty and there are many distractions that waste our time and lead us away from our goals. Regardless of what your temptations are, a key way to resist them is to avoid them entirely. 

If you want to lose weight, stop buying calorie and sugar-laden foods at the supermarket. If you want a better work-life balance, keep your phone far away from your bed in the evenings so you aren’t tempted to check your emails before bed.

Avoiding temptation can entail simple measures such as these.


5. Fix Your Sleeping Habits

Get enough sleep. Ample sleep is important when you want to learn how to get willpower. When you’re well-rested, you have more energy, are more optimistic, and can better deal with anything life throws your way. So, get your eight hours of sleep each night and maintain a regular sleep schedule.


6. Increase Your Physical Activity

Whether it’s by hitting the gym or going for morning runs, strive to increase your physical activity. Regular exercise has been shown to improve willpower and self-control, improve mental clarity, and reduce stress.


7. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a powerful tool when you’re looking at how to gain willpower.

When you’re in the moment, it’s easier to focus on what matters most to you. 

There are several ways to practice mindfulness: meditating, deep breathing exercises, walking mindfully, and more. Some people like to go on silent retreats and spend time in nature to practice mindfulness.

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