A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating A Space That Sets You Up For Success!


We’ve all walked through Ikea and whispered, “If my home office looked like this, I’d be going places.” No? Just Me? Well no matter what, it’s a common theme that our homes and offices look like the inside of our brains, and maybe yours is a little more scattered than you’d like.
The ‘broken windows’ theory states that having one broken window in an area will lead to more because the sense of lawlessness and disorder is contagious. We don’t want you to feel like your lack of motivation is criminal, but the same idea applies! If your workspace isn’t set up for success, nothing else will be either.
That’s why we’ve put together this awesome list of simple things you can do right now to make sure your workspace fosters productivity and supports your goals. Create an inspiring atmosphere with a few tweaks here and there – trust us, it’ll make all the difference!

Step One: Eliminate Distractions

The first step to creating an environment conducive to working efficiently is getting a handle on the things that distract you. Maybe for you, it’s your phone or laptop notifications, a pile of papers on your desk, or even the TV in the background. 

You don’t need to keep them completely out of the way, as a quick mental break here and there can help you stay motivated throughout the day, but make sure you’re intentional with when you put down your tasks. 

Step Two: Make it a Work-Only Space

The next step is to make your workspace a work-only space. That means you shouldn’t be watching Netflix on your work computer after hours, or at least not while sitting at your desk. Keeping your work activities alone in an area will signal to your brain that it’s time to get things done when you enter it.  

If it helps, create a “working hours” schedule that outlines when it is appropriate to take breaks or allow yourself some leisurely activities. This will help keep distractions in check while ensuring you don’t burn out from working too hard all the time! 

Step Three: Allow Room for Movement

Having space to move around can be a great way to maintain energy and focus. Whether it’s stretching, taking a break for a few minutes of yoga, or just doing some light desk exercises throughout the day, try to make sure you’re not sitting in the same spot all day long. Not only will this help keep your body active and healthy, but it’s proven to make you happier and more productive! 


Step Four: Make it an Area you Want to Spend Time In

Whether it’s art on the walls, having natural greenery nearby, or listening to music that inspires you, bringing a bit of joy into the space will make you more likely to engage with it. Your workspace should be an oasis of sorts, a place where you can go and feel energized and ready to tackle the tasks at hand. 

Invest in a comfortable chair and good lighting, as well as a few little touches, to make working an aesthetic treat.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the most perfect space in the world will not be able to get your work done for you. Chronic procrastination is an issue without a quick fix, and while implementing these things into your space may help a little bit, you won’t get it done until you are clear on why you’re avoiding work. 

That’s where Virtue Map comes in! We believe in helping people find long-term solutions for their motivation issues and finding unique solutions for each individual. It all starts with a simple questionnaire that allows us to recommend a plan tailored specifically to you. 

Bring VirtueMap into your mental space so that it’s just as optimized as your environment!

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