Are we lazy or is capitalism crooked?


“You’re lazy if you’re not working.”

That’s the message we constantly get from movies, Instagram quotes, and our boss.

But even if the ‘hustle culture’ wants you to feel bad for not working 24/7, we’re here to dispel the truth:


The truth is that no one can be productive 24/7. We all get tired, bored or demotivated from time to time, but some are better at hiding it than others.

In fact, some procrastinators are great are taking action. Instead of writing a paper, they clean the kitchen counters. Instead of sending a work proposal, they work on a project that’s been on pause for six months.

It’s just that they never take the right action, the one they know they should be taking!

That’s the trap of the ‘high-performing procrastinator’. They do many things and remain busy, but in reality, avoid the few tasks that really matter to make progress.

Hard choices, easy life.

Capitalism has made us believe that the productive person works all day, every day. But how could that be sustainable?

On the contrary, productivity is all about producing MORE results with LESS time. A truly productive person would only work 2-4 hours a day, and still gets more done than 99% of people out there.

You are not a machine. Workload has increased in the modern world, but wages didn’t. Businesses want to use people’s hustle to profit, and the reality for most is a lot less downtime with a high degree of stress.

And to make matters worst, consumerism has taught us to feel super happy about buying things that don’t add to our life. So you end up working jobs that you hate to buy things you don’t need.

The productivity killer: Procrastination

The secret to a more wealthy AND happy life is to become genuinely productive: get more results with less effort.

That way, you can keep earning money while resting as you so deserve. The best of both worlds!

Now, you know the problem…

We start doing something important, and immediately a monkey crawls into our minds.

“Hey, hey. Look at me! Why don’t we play right now and tell others we’re too busy or tired? Let’s do it!”

The monkey mind derails us from the good path of just sitting down and doing the work. Because when we’re actually focused, things don’t take that much time (or effort).

In short: the solution to keeping healthy and sane in today’s world is to become truly productive. This way you can make MORE money, and still rest properly. Can you imagine working just 2-4 hours, and then just enjoying the rest of the day?

You could play with your dog. Or pursue that hobby you’ve always wanted. And start the business you dream of.

So if you’re ready to end procrastination and become a time genius, check this quiz right now to find out what’s your procrastination type.

There are several reasons why people procrastinate, and once we find out which is ours we can create a plan that adapts to our personality and schedule, so we can end procrastination forever!

You can beat procrastination too!

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