How I Broke Free From The Trap Of My Own Making – Discover Why Procrastination Is Keeping You Stuck In A Rut

A friendly guide and a wake-up call to help you stop procrastination and regain control of your life.


You know how you ‘never’ manage to get things done? Or sometimes, how you feel like you’re a million miles away from where you want to be in life?

Oh, procrastination. How I love thee, let me count the ways.

So. You’re here because you want to stop procrastinating. That makes sense. And we should do something about it.

But why is this problem so significant? Why can’t we just force ourselves to get things done?

The thing is, procrastination is not an issue you have or not.

It's an issue of perspective… An issue of where your mind is at the moment.

It’s a matter of how motivated you are towards what you’re doing at the moment, and how much energy you have for the task at hand.

But in reality, you stress yourself out by doing things that feel forced on you. Or by creating unrealistic guidelines and feeling obliged to follow them.

Then you feel like a failure because you haven’t done anything you wanted, followed by additional “should” and “shouldn’t” and so on until there’s nothing left but stress.

After many failed tries, you start holding yourself back from achieving your dreams, believing that the things you want are impossible!

So, let’s take a moment and think about your own life.

How often have you decided that you’re not going to do something because it seemed impossible?

For example, how many times have you told yourself: I could never find my perfect career” “I could never break the procrastination habit orI could never be a great partner”?

If you’re like most people, then your answer is probably “all the time”.

Maybe because of your horrible experiences… Or maybe you lack self-esteem because no one has ever told you how good you are.

But why? I find this fascinating:

It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s possible when we make things more difficult than they need to be.

Tiny indecisiveness can add up over time, making it harder and more painful to achieve what you want.

And then the next thing you know you’re waking up in a situation you hate, every day, and wondering how the hell it happened.

For example, a lot of times, I used to see these people who were in such great shape or had the dream job and I thought “Gosh, I wish I could be like them. I wish it were as easy for me to be successful as it was for them.”

Then, when I broke down their success, I realized that it wasn’t actually that difficult. They’ve just done the little things day after day after day.

It is true, any task can be accomplished, as long as it's broken down into manageable pieces.

But I thought, “Whom am I kidding, I’m a lifelong procrastinator!

And just like that, I made excuses. I told myself that I would love to be successful…but I lack the time, or the money, or the talent, or whatever…

These excuses are the reason why we end up living a life of mediocrity because we let ourselves off the hook and are convinced that we can only live up to our potential if everything is perfect.

The real challenge is overcoming the belief that good things need to be HARD.

How many times has a belief like this held us back? As if the more desirable something appears, the less believable it seems we can get it.

Here’s the thing: telling yourself something is impossible creates feelings of hopelessness and inevitability. So you end up feeling angry, depressed and resigned to your fate.

But telling yourself something is possible creates feelings of excitement, motivation, and possibility. So you end up feeling confident and hopeful.

And when you feel this way, it actually changes how you behave and what you do.

The more relaxed you are, the quicker you’ll reach the answer.

You might ask – what’s the catch?

We all want to be our best. We want to feel good and be productive. But we procrastinate because we stress ourselves too much.

Procrastination is nothing but avoiding responsibilities and activities that feel forced on you.

And the best way to do stop procrastinating and start doing is by letting go of any stress we face.

How can you make it happen? There are several simple but extremely useful methods that you could try.

Take a second and think about how your life would be different if you weren’t plagued by procrastination.

Imagine what you’d be able to accomplish in your work, education, or personal life. You could get more things done in less time, and there wouldn’t be any stress or anxiety over having to catch up later.

And when you realize that, you also realize that there should be steps one can take to overcome their own perspective and start getting things done, instead of wasting time by being stressed out, therefore, by procrastinating.

Yeah, there are steps but you aren’t sure exactly what kind.

You might think to yourself: “Maybe I should sign up for therapy. But it’s expensive, and I don’t have time to talk about my feelings every week anyway. And I’ve already wasted half the day doing nothing. So really, what’s the point?”

The truth be told, good therapy is more than just helpful. But there’s an even better way.

Well, that’s what VirtueMap is: It’s a program that helps people overcome procrastination by rewiring their daily habits so they’ll be productive no matter what they’re doing.

And it all starts with a Quiz. Why? Because everybody loves a good Quiz. It helps you think about your life from different angles, and you might get some self-reflection on the way.

But here’s why VirtueMap is different from other solutions out there: based on your answers, we create a customized three-month plan designed specifically for your needs, your goals, and your life situation right now.

This is an online program created by psychologists and wellness professionals who want to help you regain control of your life and stop putting things off.

We will guide you through this process of taking charge of your life. All we ask is that you put some effort into it and make at least one small change every day to become the person you were always meant to be.

For now, just remember two things:

* You don’t have to decide now. You can try the Quiz and then decide if you want to follow the program.
*While your decision to join the program is reversible, sitting on the sidelines is not.

Here’s a simple way forward – answer a quick quiz and discover which anti-procrastination approach suits you best

Answer a quick quiz and discover which
anti-procrastination approach suits you best

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