How My Anxiety Stopped After I Overcame My Life-Long Procrastination


My name is Christine, and like many others,  I had struggled with life-long procrastination which has at times, led to crippling anxiety.

Procrastination was something I dealt with many times throughout my life. Even though it gave me temporary comfort I would still have to eventually face whatever challenge or obstacle I had desperately been avoiding when it finally caught up with me. 

This in turn gave me anxiety, and the feeling of ‘impending doom’, which was really not good for my mental health and state of mind. 

Having said this, I’m thankfully in a much better place now than before. 

I no longer run away from any tasks that may seem challenging. 

But the journey was far from easy as it meant that I had to finally come face to face with my demons.

It wasn’t until my anxiety completely took over that I knew it was time to do something about it.

See, it’s different when I’d put things off and procrastinate when it came to doing things for myself, but this all changed once I had a family of my own that depended on me

I still found myself procrastinating and putting things off, however this time, it was at the detriment of my family, which led to me experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, simply because I did not want to let them down. 

It got worse, things like sorting out school trips, booking appointments, and even paying bills were done at the very last minute.

This in turn started to give anxiety both my husband and even children

I felt extremely selfish and remorseful for letting this happen.

Something had to finally be done…

The search for a cure

I started with a simple search on Google for guides on how to stop procrastinating and to take control of my life. 

I tried many different resources to create timelines with deadlines in order to manage my time better 

However I’d always find myself reverting back to my old habits after I had lost my initial motivation and ‘why’… 

I thought that having someone to talk to and be accountable to would help, so I started seeing a therapist. 

The therapist helped me establish the link between procrastination and anxiety but as the sessions only yielded minimal results, I had to soon put them to an end. 

Booking a cluster of sessions would cost an arm and a leg which furthered my anxiety due to the cost and how I thought it could be put to better use in securing my children’s futures. 

I finally got myself prescribed anti-anxiety drugs as it started to become worse and worse and felt like I was being dragged into a deep dark hole with no chance to escape. 

These drugs led to a feeling of dissociation, where nothing mattered, and where I felt like I was detached from reality. 

It would also prevent me from gaining mental clarity, which was crucial when it came to keeping on top of any goals and deadlines that I had. 

A familiar face

One day, I ran into a former colleague of mine whilst out shopping for groceries.

She was someone I knew that had also struggled with procrastination. 

We’d always find ourselves working together on last-minute projects however she now looked like a completely different person different from before. 

I remember her being quite anxious all the time and unkept however she now looked like an entirely different person with a pleasant demeanor and appearance. 

Therefore I was curious to ask her how she had made such a big transformation. 

She went on to tell me that her procrastination often led her to experience anxiety attacks. She said she had tried countless solutions, such as therapy however nothing seemed to have worked. 

This resonated with me due to my own struggles so I inquired further. 

She said that one day, in a desperate bid to save herself she came across a site called Virtue Map that asked her a few basic questions about procrastination. 

After answering the questions they gave her a customized anti-procrastination plan, and as she thought she had nothing else to lose she went ahead and gave it a try

It then led to her experiencing life-changing results, which I was personally a witness to. 


I rushed home to see if the site was all that it was hyped out to be, as it all felt too good to be true, so I still had a few doubts. 

Once I landed on the site I went about answering the questions as truthfully as possible. 

Once I was done answering the questions the system, which was designed with the help of various psychologists and wellness professionals, created a three-month customized plan to help me beat procrastination for good. 

Now, this did come at a cost, however, it was minuscule in comparison to the cost of therapy. It provided me with much-needed clarity, something which I lacked when previously trying to design a program for myself. 

Taking the first step is always the hardest – but I was guided every step of the way.

The results were not instantaneous, but I didn’t expect them to be, especially if I wanted long-lasting results.

I promised myself to keep to the plan for the whole duration just so I could eliminate any doubts in my mind if it didn’t work out. 

Once it became a habit, I started to slowly see results, not just me but also the people around me, so I know the results were for real. 

Optimism replaced anxiety

At the end of the day, long-term consistency always wins over any short-term solution. It’s the small gains over time that last and help reprogram your subconscious mind. 

That, in a nutshell, is why this program has been so effective for me in easing my anxiety problems. 

This program helped change my daily routine, it helped me overcome procrastination by simply not even letting it creep into my mind

What would you do if you had an itch? Scratch it right away right? You wouldn’t ignore it, so using this example I started treating any tasks I had to do the same way…and guess what? 

My anxiety slowly started to melt away and I started to look forward to the future, rather than worry about it. 

I no longer felt like a burden on my family and in turn, raised both my self-esteem and confidence, which helped me, even more, when it came to tackling things head-on. 

And that has made all the difference in my life as a mother, and as a professional.

And it all started with a recommendation and a simple quiz.

This program helped me form long-lasting habits and I knew it’d be something I could continue for the rest of my life.

A journey of a thousand miles begins today. 

SO if you’re suffering from anxiety as a result of procrastination then you can reclaim your peace and live anxiety & procrastination free, too, and live a life worth living

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