How The “Modern Day Capitalist Machine” Doubled My Procrastination, Killed My Productivity and Skyrocketed My Stress


(And The Simple 5-Minute Fix That Turned Everything Around And Cured My Lifelong Procrastination Habit Once And For All)

My name is John and I’m writing to you with a huge smile on my face – something I’d never thought I would be able to do. And once you read my story you’ll realize why.

But before I share that with you, I want you to know one thing:

If you’re a hardcore procrastinator – and ashamed of it – you’re not alone. I used to be the same way and thought there was something wrong with me all my life.

That was before I discovered the simple yet wildly effective 5-minute fix I want to tell you about today.

And more importantly, I want to let you know this is a battle you can win – and it might even be much easier than you think (something I never would have believed if I didn’t experience it myself).

But first, do me a favor…

Tell Me If Any Of This Sounds Familiar.

Every day I felt suffocated.

The exhausting shifts. The long commutes. The lack of sleep.

Work was a never-ending source of stress. There was way too much to do – and too few people to do it.

But it got even worse when my job started letting people go.

As a result, my workload almost doubled – but my paycheck didn’t go up a cent.

And I felt it every time I went to get gas or groceries.

Once I finally got home I’d have a few hours to work on my goals before having to repeat the whole cycle over again.

And I definitely had goals.

I wanted to lose 20 pounds. Learn digital marketing. Start a side business. Read more books. Get in great shape. Pick up the guitar again.

But instead I ordered delivery and turned on Netflix.

I told myself I didn’t have the energy. Today was way too much. I’ll do it tomorrow.

But it didn’t stop the guilt I felt when I went to sleep knowing my life hadn’t moved forward an inch.

And this went on for years.

One day would blur into the next. A week would pass by without me noticing. Sometimes a month – and sometimes longer. But my life was still right where it was while it felt like others around me were soaring ahead.

It was all due to the lifelong procrastination habit I couldn’t shake no matter how hard I tried.

But I Wasn’t A “Fake Procrastinator.”

I’m talking about the type of person that says “Yeah I procrastinate sometimes. But then I just tell myself it’s time to get to work.” The type of person who gives advice like “Just don’t procrastinate!”

What they don’t get is that for a real procrastinator, procrastination isn’t optional.

And I was the real deal.

Everything in my life was done last-minute.

In college if I had an assignment due at midnight on the day of, I would waste my time on the internet as the hours counted down until I panicked enough to start the work.

If I had an interview, I wouldn’t start thinking about how to handle it until I was driving to it.

And if I had a huge, semester-defining exam or paper, I’d pretend it didn’t exist until 24 hours before it was due.

Sure, my grades and my future suffered. Sure, I’d tell myself next time I wouldn’t let things get this bad.

But nothing changed.

The Worst Part Of Being A Procrastinator Was This

I know more than anyone how much my procrastination cost me.

It cost me time as the years went by with no progress in my life. It cost me happiness from not being able to enjoy leisure activities. It cost me money from buying pointless things and getting hit by late fees because I couldn’t make payments on time.

But what it cost me most?

My self-esteem.

The guilt and shame from being a procrastinator made me hate myself more each day.

I’ve gone to bed at night so many times feeling disgusted at my useless, undeserving self and promising to work hard the next day, but it’s always the same thing. I do nothing until I’m faced with the last-minute panic-rush to get work done.

I’d go through cycles of feeling like an actual adult. Followed by feeling like a child who couldn’t face even the most basic of tasks.

And the whole time I would see old friends on social media accomplishing great things, traveling to amazing places and living their dream lives.

Not only that, but I lived my life in a state of constant dread.

Deadlines terrified me. I’d think about the tasks and projects due the next day and feel a pit in my stomach.

Honestly, the amount of stress that I got from being guilty of procrastination was higher than the stress from my actual work.

I didn’t know how much longer I could put up with this.

But It Only Got Worse From There

I thought the problem would magically go away once I graduated. Maybe it was just an academic thing.

But it hurt me more than ever before once I entered the workforce.

Or as I like to call it, the “Modern Day Capitalist Machine.

See, in today’s modern capitalistic society, one thing is valued above all else:


We have to do more. Produce more. Be more efficient.

We’re not seen as humans – but as an expense number on the company’s balance sheet. And once that number gets too high, we’re cut without mercy.

But even as layoffs forced our team to shrink, the work we were responsible for only grew.

As a procrastinator this was my worst nightmare.

It was like asking someone with a broken leg to run a marathon.

And compared to my overachieving colleagues, I stood out like a sore thumb.

But my worst fears were confirmed after a quarterly review that didn’t go well.

I was terrified that I would be the next one cut. Eventually the stress got so bad my anxiety developed into full-on panic attacks.

But even then I couldn’t do anything to change it. I felt so helpless.

Until This Realization Changed Everything For Me

That night I found myself at a bar chatting with an old friend from college.

As I told him my situation, he started to smile. Curious, I asked him why.

“I’m smiling because I used to go through the exact same thing. My procrastination filled my life with guilt, self-hate and anxiety. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me.”

As I nodded he continued:

“What I realized was I didn’t procrastinate because I was lazy – I procrastinated because I was scared.

I was scared of failing at the things I wanted to do most. I was scared of being crushed by a failure. So I avoided that feeling as long as possible.

But more than anything I was frustrated – not that I couldn’t achieve my dreams, but that I couldn’t even start chasing them.

And with how overworked and overwhelmed I was, it only made the problem ten times worse.

But I realized you can either spend your time being productive, or wishing you were productive.”

As he spoke, everything started to click.

“So how can I do that?” I asked.

“The biggest thing that helped me was making the first step really easy.”

He pointed me to this website with a free and simple quiz to identify what kind of procrastinator I am.

“This changed everything for me,” he said.

To be honest, I even wanted to procrastinate on taking the quiz. But deep down I realized I had no excuse. So I told myself to just do this one thing and gave it a shot.

After answering the questions honestly I got a customized three-month plan created by psychologists and wellness professionals to help me beat my procrastination once and for all.

I was skeptical, but I decided to trust the process. And boy am I glad I did.

Because my custom plan included specific reminders and action tasks that felt achievable yet moved me forward.

And after just one month I started seeing dramatic progress – though I didn’t realize it at first.

I was eating better and dedicating time to my goals after work and on the weekend. I cut down on the Netflix and mindless scrolling (though not completely, but it was still way better than before.)

And my efficiency at work started to skyrocket as I wasn’t afraid of starting on intimidating tasks.

As a result my happiness and self-confidence grew as I finally started to feel proud of myself.

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. And I could finally start looking forward to the future again – because I felt that great things were coming.

But more than anything I realized that up until now, my life was like trying to drive with one foot on the pedal and the other on the brakes.

But once I let go of the brakes, I could go anywhere I want.

So if you’d like to finally get rid of procrastination from your life once and for all, I highly encourage you to take the same quiz I took.

It’s called the Virtue Map quiz and getting started is simple, free and easy. There’s no downside but massive upside.

Just answer some questions and you’ll be given a custom plan that makes overcoming procrastination so easy you won’t believe how much progress you’re making…

Until you look back in one month and realize how much things have changed for the better.

And before we go, I want to share the last words my friend shared with me that day in the bar:

Most people are too busy procrastinating to ever live the lives they really want.” Don’t take as long as I did to figure out he was right.

Click below to take your free quiz and start beating procrastination today:

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