If You’re Trapped Inside a Procrastination Spiral, This Is the Way to Get Out.


This article was planned to be written in 2 hours.

Instead, I decided to do everything else but write it. Cleaning the house? Sounds good. Exercising? I’m down for it—everything else besides what mattered to me.

If this happens to you regularly, you need to read this article right now because it will give you the key to breaking the procrastination cycle forever.

First of all, we all mess up.

When you think about your struggle, you may feel that you’re a lost cause or somehow broken.
Good news: based on research, 88% of people say they procrastinate for at least one hour each day. So you are not alone!

The bad news is that, when procrastination becomes a habit, it can destroy your life.
Here’s how:

1. We set a goal
We get inspired to chase our dreams and finally “do the thing”. Our brain feels alive, and our body is ready for action.

2. Right before starting…we freeze.
This is the crucial moment when everything is decided.
A set of beliefs cause us to freeze, hesitate or feel undeserving. Things like:
“If I do this, I will make a fool out of myself”.
“What will x person think?”
“It’s not even worth trying.”
and similar thoughts that are just FEAR: false assumptions appearing real.
The problem is that they DO feel real, so…

3. Discomfort sets in
The gap between what you want to achieve (and the potential you know you have) and the lack of action you’re taking…makes you feel bad.

It’s uncomfortable not to take action, and your body knows it. That’s why the mind comes in to help…

4. We start making excuses.
The only way to finish this discomfort is to convince ourselves that it wasn’t even worth trying.

“I’m just too busy”, “The system is crooked”, “This is too hard”, or any other of those other excuses that we all know too well.

But even if you tell to yourself these things 1,000 times, you KNOW you’re good and talented enough.
You know you could figure anything out if you just tried.
So that’s why we turn to…

5. Procrastination activities.
This is where we turn to mindless scrolling through Instagram…
Binge-watching Netflix and “how to overcome procrastination” videos on YouTube.

The heartbreaking result

This procrastination cycle leads to:

❌ Start doubting if you have what it takes
❌ Feel jealous about other people
❌ Burn-out from a cycle of hype-anxiety-depression

You fail 100% of the changes you don’t take. But don’t worry…

There’s now a way to stop procrastination forever and make progress towards what matters to you.

Enter Virtue Map

There has been a lot of research done on procrastination in the last decade.

The problem is the breakthroughs scientists discover stay in labs and academic journals. It never changes the lives of people like us.

Virtue Map revolutionizes this.

  1. You start by filling out a 3-minute quiz to understand your procrastination type (yes, there are several of them!).
  2. You get an anti-procrastination plan customized by behavioral psychologists and certified success coaches (without breaking the bank).
  3. You start shifting your identity from a procrastinator to an action taker with 5-minute tasks spread through the day. Simple to do.

Your procrastination is not a lack of motivation. It’s actually feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that are causing it.

Everything will make sense once you dissolve these negative beliefs with the help of modern science.

And the best part is that Virtue Map was not created for just the “gifted” few who seem always to have their act together.

You can start at your own level, and adjust to your schedule and pace.

Ready to say bye to your lower self and start crushing your goals?

Take this quick 3-minute quiz to discover which procrastination type you are, and how to break this self-esteem-destroyer cycle forever.

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