Procrastination Almost Destroyed My Life — Here’s How I Overcame It.


Most people think that procrastination is just a habit of delaying things you’re supposed to do.

They believe it’s just a harmless habit that we all have to deal with…

But what if that wasn’t true at all?

Hey, this is Michelle, and I’m going to tell you how procrastination almost destroyed my life.

It was December 2018 and I had to schedule a medical appointment for Thomas, my son. He had nagging stomach pain, as he told me one whole week before.

Do I care about my son? ABSOLUTELY! I love him, and I still couldn’t make the appointment until the last day before the doctor’s trip to Hawaii.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve done things at the last second. Even when something is important to me or I feel 24/7 anxiety about getting it done, nothing is strong enough to pull me out of bed.

I didn’t know yet how worse my procrastination could become.

One day my husband kindly asked me to pay the electrical bills.
I wrote it down on my to-do list, and hid it away so it wouldn’t cause anxiety. “I’ll do it later”, I thought to myself.

When his boss came to our house for Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate my husband’s promotion, I had everything prepared. The turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie were on the table. And just when we were about to start…

…the lights went off.

I had forgotten to pay the bills!!

My husband was SO upset. This was not the first time this had happened, and he decided to spend the whole week sleeping on the couch.

When procrastination becomes chronic…depression begins.

Many people don’t know that procrastination, if not tackled, WILL lead to depression.

Personally, I felt like a failure for not being able to do the stuff that was important to me…when it was important. It was like a mixture of anxiety and depression that turned my day-to-day mood darker and darker…

I was not a pleasant person to be around.

I tried going to a therapist who prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Then I slept for 6 months and felt even worse.

My husband gave me an ultimatum: you fix this, or we’ll have to part ways.
(I knew he was trying to motivate me, but that just caused more anxiety and depression).

The thing that changed it all.

One morning my husband called me over and showed me a website. It had a quick quiz about procrastination and promised to eliminate it through a custom three-month plan.

Would this work? Probably not. But after everything else had failed, we decided just to give it a go.

In 5 minutes I had an anti-procrastination plan based on the latest science. The problem was, being a procrastinator, how was I supposed to put the plan into action?


But it seems like the psychologists who created my plan thought of everything. It includes 87 mini-tasks you can complete in 5 minutes, which felt easy even for me!

There’s no willpower, shame, or overwhelm involved. You just set some goals, get a plan, and start taking action in small, digestible chunks.

Everything changed when my mind changed.

I discovered later that behavioral psychologists and success coaches designed the plan with one goal: to shift your identity from procrastinator to action taker.

If you take things slowly and accomplish something every day, no matter how small, the shift will happen. You will suddenly become a person who is capable how dreaming again, and then take action with a set of habits that feel within reach.

And it truly feels doable, because now it’s you. You are not faking your motivation, forcing yourself to work or using urgency to act.

You have become a person who just takes action 🤩

If you want to also become an action taker, without having to give up your own rhythm and pace, this is exactly what you need.

The worst that can happen is you learn something new about yourself.

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