Procrastination is NOT laziness. Here’s why.


Most people think that procrastination is just another word for laziness.

You get up in the morning, sit at your desk to work and then…binge watch a whole series on Netflix.

While this may sound like a small harmless habit, those who face it regularly know that procrastination can literally destroy your life.

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Procrastination vs Laziness: the key difference.

Society judges lazy people. But why are they lazy?

Typically, a lazy person is conscious of not doing what they’re supposed to. It’s just that they don’t want it bad enough to do anything about it.

For example, you know you should eat more veggies…but if you’re honest with yourself you don’t care much about it.

Isn’t that true?

But procrastination is different. A person who chronically delays something KNOWS they should do it, WANTS to get the results, but simply CAN’T.

Laziness is saying ‘I don’t care about this’. Procrastination is saying ‘I care about this, but I can’t do it’.

The real reason why people procrastinate

Why can’t people who procrastinate JUST DO IT?

While most people say it’s laziness, science has found the real reason can be Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), depression, chronic apathy, and low self-esteem.

People who procrastinate do it because, just before they’re about to act, an inner voice tells them…

-You’re not good enough
-Nobody will believe in you
-Why do you waste your time trying?

The worst thing about being a procrastinator is, you know exactly why you’re failing.

It’s all these internal voices that cause self-doubt and push us into the procrastination vortex:

a) You want to do something.
b) You doubt yourself.
c) You feel bad about not doing it.
d) Next time the self-doubt is even stronger.

This cycle repeats itself over and over…until the person can get seriously depressed.

What can you to do end procrastination?

The first step is figuring out what’s your procrastination type. There are several types and the solution depends on which is yours.

Then you need an anti-procrastination plan that works. It should break big tasks into small, easy chunks you can do daily.

And if you do it long enough…your identity will start to shift from a procrastinator to an action taker!

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