Procrastination vs Laziness: What’s the Difference?


Are Procrastination and Laziness the Same Thing? Here’s What You Should Know!

Both laziness and procrastination may seem the same, but they’re completely different. Here’s why!

Many people lump laziness and procrastination together. While they can appear similar though, there are some key differences. And when you discover what they are, you might be surprised.

For starters, laziness is something one chooses. If you’re lazy, you don’t put in the work or effort needed because you don’t want to do it. Mostly, negativity surrounds the term of laziness, but sometimes it’s important to have a lazy day or two.

Like on a Sunday after working hard all week. You can (and should!) choose to take it easy in that case. Moments like these can make you a happier person.

But if you’re lazy ALL the time? It’s definitely a negative attribute, especially in the working world when people are counting on you to do your part. A person that is truly lazy in a bad way doesn’t see their laziness as a problem. Meanwhile, it affects everyone else.

That’s not the same as procrastination. When you’re being lazy, you choose it. You don’t choose procrastination.

Someone that procrastinates wants to get those things done but feels unable to do so. Why? There are tons of reasons behind it. In general though, if you’re procrastinating, you likely feel like there’s a barrier in between you and what you need to get done.

Procrastination is more about not being able to regulate emotion. When a task brings about a negative emotion – be it fear, frustration, or something else – your instinct is to avoid it.

Sure, you can override this feeling, but those with chronic procrastination have emotions tied to it that are often insurmountable. So, you want to do the task but there’s a gap between that and what you wind up doing.

As such, a procrastinator feels hopeless, frustrated, and often angry with themselves. Meanwhile, lazy people don’t care about getting the task at hand done.

If you’re a procrastinator, you’ve got the drive. You’ve just got to make some changes to unleash your full potential. Removing this blockage can help you head down the path to success like you’ve been dreaming of doing.

Procrastination and Your Mental Health

Procrastination relates to your own moods and emotional mindset. It’s why those with ADD and ADHD often struggle with procrastination. You’re not lazy, you just don’t know how to jump over the hurdles in your mind.

You dread the emotional strains that you perceive ahead. It could stem from a previous situation or be your own preconceived notions about how difficult and unbearable a certain task is. So, you convince yourself that you’ll do it later when you feel like you can manage those unpleasant feelings.

How many times have you avoided calling to make an appointment for a check-up due to the unpleasant feelings it conjures? Those what-ifs can completely restrain you from taking care of what needs to be done.

It goes so much deeper than you think.

The sources of emotional distress in relation to procrastination are where you need to look in order to resolve this issue.

It’s a good thing that procrastinators can finally find a solution that gets right to that emotional root and helps you lift up those barricades so you can be the success you were destined to be.

How to Find Those Embedded Roots Behind Your Procrastination

Everyone has a reason behind their procrastination. Whether it’s mental health related or you simply put off what you need to do, the only way to get through it is to get to that root cause.

Since everyone is different, it stands to reason that using the same procrastination-busting tactics as everyone else isn’t going to work. Often, these suggestions are well-meaning, but they dodge the real problem.

That’s why choosing an anti-procrastination program that is tailored to you specifically is the only way to break this cycle. No matter if you have anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, or anything else – even just being a procrastinator – you must choose tactics to beat it based on the cause.

So, how can you know? Simple! There’s a quick quiz you can take that will help you determine what’s behind your procrastination. And once you take it, you can get your own anti-procrastination program that is designed exclusively for you so that you’ll move forward from procrastination and become a success.

The quiz is short and sweet, and if you’re already procrastinating a task that is making you feel overwhelmed, this is a great place to start. You’ll not only find out why you’re procrastinating, but you’ll also see if you qualify to get the tools you need to tackle it head-on. With the help of success coaches that will keep you accountable, you’ll have far more than just a book shelf full of self-help books you have yet to read.

This simple solution has worked for hundreds of thousands of people. Taking the quiz will unlock your own personal anti-procrastination plan and help set you free from your self-imposed lockdown. Take it now and see how it can be the driving force you need to face life head-on!

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