The Real Reason You’re Still Procrastinating (And how to end it forever)


So you’ve felt the emptiness and shame of being a procrastinator?

You frown at yourself in the mirror and curse under your breath after failing to take action once again.

It’s 2 hours past your bedtime and you’re mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed.

Or it’s been 2 years and you still haven’t even taken the first step on that new hobby or goal you set for yourself. “I should do more yoga… I could go to bed earlier… I’d love to do X by this date”

And then… nothing.

And if you’re like the rest of us, you’re paralyzed by self-doubt, fears of failure and feeling completely hopeless about ever getting “out of this rut.”

When you’re honest with yourself, you understand just how devastating your procrastination has been in your life. How much further you could have gone. The goals you could have achieved…

That deep inner peace and pride you could be feeling now if you had just… taken action when you knew you should have.

Instead, you feel the regrets, the self-doubt and the anxiety of never being able to crush your goals…

Want to know a secret?

It’s not your fault. But YOU can fix it…

Here’s the brutal truth: Modern life literally forces you to procrastinate.

That’s right! You’re a victim of circumstances — you do NOT have a flawed personality like some people want you to believe…

Our environment… social media… advertising… it’s all designed to keep you insecure, give you low self-esteem and feel indecisive… leading to procrastination.

Science says that procrastination is a way to avoid deep emotional pain we’re hiding from ourselves.

You’re trying to be the best version of YOU but fighting a losing battle.

Most gurus, life coaches, even friends… give you the same one-size-fits-all advice — usually just catchy one-liners or some form of, “just do it.”
If that worked, no one would have a problem with procrastination.

And the thing is… you’re UNIQUE. We all have such different beliefs, experiences and ways of relating to life.

You’ve likely tried everything out there…

❌ Motivational videos and pep talks

❌ Affirmations, positive thinking & promises to yourself

❌ Loved ones badgering you about not wasting time

You’ve tried it all!

And you kept ending up right back where you started.

Disappointed in yourself and still mindlessly wasting time.

It’s like you know what you SHOULD do, but not HOW to make yourself do it.

But your goals, and your life, they matter. Your choices matter. And you deserve better.

If you ever feel this way, if you’re fed up with the constant disappointment and self-doubt…

Tired of feeling like your own worst enemy, like there’s something wrong with you, that you’re somehow flawed or broken…

Having your hopes destroyed again and again as you can’t seem to get out of your own way…

Then pay close attention to THIS…

Because I’m going to share the practice that’s proven to dissolve all those limiting beliefs, self-doubt and insecurities WITHOUT more of the “same old, same old” from motivational gurus.

And it’s especially effective for women who are ready to see real change.

You know what’s beyond frustrating?

Seeing all the feel-good advice and “quick fixes” from life coaches and motivational influencers on social media.

(….like this!)

But it gets you nowhere…

You’re reading through all these memes and fancy quotes with inspirational images… which becomes just another way for you to… procrastinate!

Yep, our brains think we’re being productive by reading all these beautiful sounding one-liners and sage advice.

But all we’re doing is wasting even more time. Just spinning our wheels.

Again.. It’s not your fault!

BUT your life turns around when… 

you discover your unique procrastination type…

It blows open the doors to your potential and forces you to take effective action… every single time.

I have unbelievably talented friends… who are failures.

Naturally talented. Brilliant. Observant. Witty.

But also broke. Nobody knows who they are. They also don’t get much done.

Because they can’t actually see any of their goals through. They can’t get past the first step and are distracted by every little thing.

I don’t have half their talent but I’m more successful today than I’ve ever been…

Because I finally cracked my own code…

We must all suffer from one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons.

Here’s how I finally took ACTION and stopped letting EVERYTHING distract me…

I finally got fed up with myself and all my excuses.

Fed up with all the feel-good advice and catchy one-liners that were supposed to light a motivation fire inside of me.

And I stumbled upon something that “clicked.”

Everything just lined up and made sense once I discovered this one crucial piece that let me break through all of my excuses and lack of focus.

You see, procrastination isn’t a personality trait.

It’s a habit with a lot of beliefs attached to it.

Negative beliefs like:

❌ I can’t deal with failing

❌ This is beyond my abilities and skills

❌ It’s too difficult to make a decision and I’m just so bored

But these beliefs aren’t the same for every person.

Everyone is different.

And when you discover the type of procrastinator you are, there are specific tools that address your unique habits and set of beliefs.

When I discovered that, the floodgates of productivity and potential opened…

Did It Work?

Using a method called Virtue Map, I found out my main issue was low self-esteem.

This whole time I just figured I had ADD or was unmotivated, but what sat beneath that was actually insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

It’s amazing what we can hide from ourselves. And the damage it can cause us.

Learning what sat at the bottom of my biggest issues was the first step.

From there, their tailored plan gave me:

✔️ Simple practices that shifted my mindset and supercharged my motivation

✔️ Powerful ways to re-frame my biggest fears, letting me easily conquer my goals

✔️ Input from trauma-informed and experienced mentors on my unique personality

✔️ Scientifically proven(and easy!) methods to stay focused for HOURS at a time!

To really put this in perspective, this is a brand new approach to a widespread and devastating problem. 

And it can work for anyone, not just the “gifted” few who seem to be “destined for greatness.”

They start you at your own level and pace.

You’re able to accomplish small wins, growing them comfortably…

Until you begin to embody your true potential.

I wasn’t alone in my results either — see for yourself:

What Makes Virtue Map So Effective?
(How it “clicks” while everything else missed the mark)

Whether it’s our Zodiac, Myers-Brigg or Enneagram(no clue!) — each of us is so unique.

Meaning we respond to a different approach than someone else.

Our beliefs and habits have to be approached on our own terms.Virtue Map’s program is based on an award-winning model that includes positive psychology to empower you in both minor and major life decisions.

And here’s the most important part… 

It’s all done from a healthy, holistic perspective.

Your past, unique feelings, family status and goals are all taken into account.

You’re given a practical, no-nonsense, simple and start-using-it-instantly approach to your greatest barriers.

Imagine finally breaking free from a lifetime of limitation and self-doubt.

Waking up with a vibrant energy and boundless determination to own your power.

Every day.

And looking forward to each week, month and year…

Knowing you can trust yourself to reach your potential, and break out of the small box you’ve put yourself into.

It’s all waiting there for you — and all you need is to allow it…

Ready To Break Through Your Own Self-Imposed Limits?

If you’re fed up with all the excuses, feeling disappointed in yourself and hating the same old one-size-fits-all personal growth advice, listen up:

You can discover your exact procrastinator type and the simple key actions you need to take to start dissolving those self-imposed limits.

You’re unique. Your life matters. And all we have is time. Discover how you can create a life you’ll be proud of.

Procrastination is only going to keep feeding your regrets.

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