Why procrastination is actually saving your life (and how to “hack” your goals)


Could procrastination be keeping us sane? That’s what scientists are saying. But if we want to crush our goals and stop feeling pathetic, we need to understand our “procrastination type”.

Want to know the most painful feeling in the world?

Here it is…

What happens when you get really quiet with yourself?

If you put down all distractions, turn your phone off, stop fidgeting and just sit with yourself…

Well, if you’re like over half of the US population, you probably feel miserable.

Miserable, empty and anxious.

It’s no wonder why smart phone addictions has skyrocketed…

Average Americans spend close to 6 hours a day drooling in front of their phone screen.

And get ready for the really painful news…

According to a study from the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, women spend two more hours on their phone than men… every single day!

You’ve no doubt seen the devastating side effects from all of this soul-sucking procrastination…

❌ Massive numbers of people dealing with depression
(2X higher for women than men in 2021)

❌ Ruined attention spans(sometimes as little as a few seconds!)

❌ People struggling to achieve even the smallest goals

Unless we get to the bottom of this, things are only going to get much, much worse.

And here’s something you probably DON’T know:

Procrastination is literally saving your life.

That might seem like a bold and crazy statement… and it is!

It’s also a cold, hard, scientific fact.

You see, procrastination isn’t just something we’re doing because we’re “bored.”

Oh, no… it’s much, much deeper than that.

But once you learn the simple truth of where it comes from and why you do it so often…

It almost instantly dissolves and you’ll practically forget how to waste time ever again.

The trick is in discovering what TYPE of procrastinator you are.

So if you’re tired of watching your life go by while you waste away in front of a phone screen…

If you can’t stand watching less talented people achieve their dreams…

While you sit on the sidelines struggling with self-doubt…

Then THIS is what you’re missing…


Because I’m going to share with you a proven method to instantly dissolve those uncomfortable feelings and limiting beliefs.. 

And it’s especially effective for women who are ready to make real change.

Since right now it’s not looking great for them…

There was a wild survey recently revealed over half of women in their 30s and 40s are worried about how long they spend on their phone…

Over HALF of ALL women!

And many of them admit they’re “addicted.” 

(…look familiar?)

And what’s so sad is that these habits are directly tied to low self-esteem and depression…

But the truly remarkable thing is how easy it is to overcome all of it…

How unbelievably simple it is to make procrastination a thing of the past.

And it’s easy to overcome once you discover where it comes from and why you keep repeating the bad habits.

The really good news is this:

Your life turns around the moment you discover your unique “procrastination type.”

By doing that, you instantly unleash your potential and can’t help but crush the goals that mean the most to you…

It’s not your fault… and it’s easier to fix than you think

You’re struggling with…

✔ Being a perfectionist

✔ Not feeling like you’re good enough

✔ Feeling totally overwhelmed

✔ Suffering from uncertainty or anxiety

✔ Pictures of cute animals distracting you(we’re all guilty!)

All the above and more can keep you feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated.

You see others who are less talented and achieving the things you dream about every day. You compare yourself to everyone else and undervalue your gifts… 

Which brings me to some really good news:

It’s not your fault!

Society, social media, unfair expectations, advertising, the flood of distractions thrown at us on a daily basis…

It’s like we’re set up to fail.

But none of that matters!

There’s a powerful new method that’s been shattering bad habits and igniting motivation instantly…

It works by first discovering your “procrastination type” and then letting the changes unfold naturally.

It’s crazy how easy it works too…

Do not waste time for that is equal to wasting life

How to instantly take ACTION and cancel distractions FOR GOOD…


If you’re fed up with your excuses…

Fed up with all the feel-good advice and catchy one-liners that bloat your instagram feed…

Then listen up!

Everything makes sense once you discover this vital fact that breaks through all of your excuses and lack of focus.

You see, procrastination isn’t a personality trait.

It’s a habit with a lot of beliefs attached to it.


Negative beliefs like:

❌ I can’t deal with failing

❌ This is beyond my abilities and skills

❌ It’s too difficult to make a decision and I’m just so bored


But these beliefs aren’t the same for every person.

Everyone is different.


And when you discover the type of procrastinator you are, there are easy approaches that unlock your energy to conquer your goals.

When you learn that, it’s like the floodgates of motivation blow wide open…

How Does It Work?

Using a method called Virtue Map, you get to discover your main issue…

Exactly what sits at the heart of your bad habits.

Many women often think it’s their “ADD” or that they’re just unmotivated, but what rests just beneath all that is actually insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

It’s amazing what we can hide from ourselves! And the damage it causes us.

Learning what sits at the bottom of our biggest issues is the first step.


From there, their tailored plan offers:

✔️ Simple practices that gently shift mindset + supercharge motivation

✔️ How to re-frame crushing fears, letting you easily own meaningful goals

✔️ Input from trauma-informed and experienced mentors on your unique personality

✔️ Scientifically proven(and quick!) methods to stay focused for HOURS at a time!


To really put this in perspective, this is a brand new approach to a widespread and devastating problem. 

And it can work for anyone, not just the “gifted” few who seem to be “destined for greatness.”


They start you at your own level and pace.

You’re able to accomplish small wins, growing easily and comfortably…

Until you begin to embody your true potential.

Take a quick 3-minute quiz and discover which procrastination type you are to break through your self-imposed limits

Results may vary due to personal features


And it seems anyone can get results…

What Makes Virtue Map So Effective?

(How it “clicks” when everything else missed the mark)

Whether it’s our Zodiac, Myers-Brigg or Enneagram(no clue!) — each of us is so unique.

Meaning we respond to a different approach than someone else.

Our beliefs and habits have to be approached on our own terms.

Virtue Map’s program is based on an award-winning model that includes positive psychology to empower you in both minor and major life decisions.

And here’s the most important part… 

It’s all done from a healthy, holistic perspective.

Your past, unique feelings, family status and goals are all taken into account.

You’re given a practical, no-nonsense, simple and instant approach to your greatest barriers.

Imagine finally breaking free from a lifetime of limitation and self-doubt.

Waking up with a vibrant energy and boundless determination to own your power.

Every day.

And looking forward to each week, month and year…

Knowing you can trust yourself to reach your potential, and break out of the small box you’ve put yourself into.

It’s all waiting there for you — and all you need is to allow it…

Ready To Break Through Your Own Self-Imposed Limits?

If you’re fed up with all the excuses, feeling disappointed in yourself and hating the same old one-size-fits-all personal growth advice, listen up:

You can discover your exact procrastinator type and the simple key actions that dissolve self-imposed blocks.

You’re unique. Your life matters. And all we own is our time. Discover how to empower yourself by 

Procrastination is only going to keep feeding your regrets.

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