Why you should believe in yourself even when no one does.


This is Jeff Bezos 25 years ago:

At that time he was starting Amazon, and delivering books to people by himself.

Nowadays, he’s one of the richest people on Earth with a net worth of $211 billion. How is that possible?

He took action. J.K. Rowling started with nothing, Elon Musk started with nothing, and most people you admire did…

The enemy of success is NOT failure!

The reason why most people don’t succeed is not a lack of talent, opportunity, or motivation…

It’s because they don’t even try.

How many people have tried to build a successful company for 25 years and failed? How many people have tried to write a successful book saga for 30 years and failed?

If you try something long enough, you will most likely succeed.

But that’s the thing, we prefer an illusion to face reality: we rarely stick to our dreams.

Don’t worry, you still have time. But it won’t be this way forever, and unless you beat procrastination and say NO to fear, you will reach old age full of regrets.

The real enemy of success is procrastination.

Why do we procrastinate, really?

Many people say we procrastinate because we’re lazy. But is that so?

Sure, some people are plain old lazy. But what most adult procrastinators face is the fact that they WANT to do things, yet they quickly get bored or distracted by other things…

It may be a pop-up notification on Facebook, a new Twitter, or even cleaning the house. We prefer to do anything BUT the task at hand we know we should do.

Why don’t we do the things we KNOW we should do?

Behind procrastination lies a big problem: Perfectionism.

As you see in the chart above, perfectionism is a bigger problem than we think. And the way to defeat it is by believing in ourselves for long enough to see that everything will succeed when we stick to it.

Fear is the only thing to be afraid of!

Fear is the fuel of procrastination. Fear of critique, fear of exposing any weakness, fear of failure and even fear of success…

The reason why we procrastinate is that we get overwhelmed by action. But when procrastination becomes a habit, it’s always fear holding us back…

Our self-worth gets hurt because we can’t prove to ourselves that we’re worthy of success. But you are!! The dreams you have are there for a reason, you are the perfect person to achieve them.

Confident action and resilience can take you farther than any how-to, fancy diploma, or even the perfect routine. You decide ONCE what you want, and then commit every single day to make it happen.

And improve and adapt on the road.

There is still time for you to commit to yourself and decide to say NO to fear, NO to perfectionism, and NO to procrastination. Live your life with intensity so you never face heavy regrets!

This is what you ought to do: Face the fear.

Instead of denying that we’re afraid, the best strategy to overcome fear is to recognize it, and then face it.

So take a deep breath and feel yourself. What emotions come up as you think about your dreams? Where do you want to be a year from now? How about 25 years? It’s not so long when you think about it.

If you let it, fear will guide you even more than inspiration. Recognize you’re afraid, and then beat that fear one day at a time.

Everything begins with a small step!

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