The Virtue Map Chronicle

How conversations over coffee led to the invention of a new way to clinch mental fortitude.

On a quiet afternoon, in a modest cafe, with slow, soothing music mixed with distant sounds from car honks, bikes pedaling, and pedestrians trotting, two men sat over coffee. They discussed the struggle to be productive, consistently. One of the men was Rick; the other was me.

Rick explained to me that he was having trouble meeting up with deadlines. His alarm clock was simply incapable of getting him up early enough. He was struggling with procrastination. He wasn’t achieving his life goals the way he wanted. Because of all these mental barriers, it was difficult for Rick to level up and reach his personal development goals.

So, he asked for my help.
At first, I was just as clueless as Rick. I, too, was dealing with procrastination and suffering the consequences of “self-unawareness.” I read hundreds of self-help books, practiced thousands of “life hack” tips, installed several self-care apps, and was still more than a fair distance away from changing my habits for good permanently.

Rick said he wished that someone would create a tool that doubles as a coach and a friend. That was my signal. I went home, and I gave a lot of thought to what he said. I slept on it, and when I woke up in the morning, the idea of “Virtue Map” woke up with me.

Now far more developed, the purpose of Virtue Map is to provide you with valuable data about your behavioral patterns through science and fact-based analysis. In other words, Virtue Map helps you understand what you do, how you do them, and why you do them.

That clarity, I have discovered, is the difference between high performance and average performance. Virtue Map is committed to bringing that clarity to all of our customers.

Our Mission

Bringing clarity that encourages long-term personal development.

To bring clarity, we’ve opted for a simple user interface for Virtue Map that makes it very simple to use. To bring long-term personal development and growth, we’ve incorporated interactive tasks prepared by top-ranking psychologists and medical doctors to help you choose positive habits over negative habits.

Our Vision

Making the elimination of procrastination achievable and straightforward so more people can realize their true potential.

Combining consistency with structured information, interactive daily tasks, and self-awareness exercises makes it simpler to break down psychological barriers that deter productivity.

Our approach and how we measure success

Our solution is designed to be scientific, practical, and efficient. We will help you understand why you procrastinate, what your excuses are, and the reasons for your self-doubt.

The goal is to point you in the right direction so you can be aware of your thinking process. This self-awareness will guide you on how to replace negative thoughts with helpful ones.

What does success mean for us?
We know our methods are successful when a person who has worked with us makes that split-second decision to handle an urgent task rather than binge-watch a series.

Our success comes from observing you choose positive habits over negative habits, one step at a time.

Our Team

The Virtue Map Team features the right blend of experts —including ICF-Certified Productivity & Success Coaches, medical doctors, and psychologists—to achieve our mission and vision.
We are a group of inspired people whose big dream is to restore productivity in a chaotic world.
We rely on sound, evidence-based research to ensure that Virtue Map consistently delivers on its core promises. We realize that a productive person is happier.
The more people we’re able to reach, the more we can contribute to the making of a better world.

How Big is Virtue Map’s Community?

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