How to Measure the Value of Your Time? Part 2

In verse 1 of this thread, we discussed how to calculate the worth of your time in order to save time and money, and what determines the value of your time. We were also able to see that delegating tasks is an effective way to save time.

Today, in this verse 2, we’ll be focusing on common mistakes to avoid while delegating tasks, the benefits of delegating tasks, and very practical ways to evaluate the worth of your time. 

Honestly, you may need to grab a cup of coffee, now!

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Delegating Tasks to Save Time

Over the years, I have discovered a few mistakes people make while hiring an assistant or delegating tasks to buy time for themselves:

  • Unwilling to Pay for Delegated Tasks that are not Worth Your Time

Don’t be reluctant to pay more for someone who’s well quailed to do your low-impact tasks. It’s true you are delegating these tasks because they are not worth your time, but they are worth someone else’s time, hence, the time spent on these tasks has value.

Paying for these low-impact tasks means that you have another task or something else, which is more rewarding, that you plan to work on with the time originally meant for the low-impact tasks. So, you are not losing by paying for the low-impact tasks, in fact, you are working smarter and gaining more. 

  • Overlooking Qualified Virtual Assistants from a Different Time Zone for Tasks that are not Worth Your Time

After you have evaluated your time value, and separated activities that are worth your time from those that are not, hiring an assistant from a different time zone to handle your lowest-impact tasks will prove effective. Hiring someone from a different time zone can ensure that many of your low-impact tasks are completed when you wake up in the morning.

  • Neglecting Freelancers’ References when Delegating Tasks to Save Time

Time is valuable, and while you are eager to save time by delegating tasks, do not forget to check the references of those you want to delegate your tasks. Good virtual assistants usually have references from their previous employers. So, don’t hesitate to check their references before hiring.

How to Find a Good Assistant after Evaluating the Worth of Your Time?

There are several websites you can find people who claim to be virtual assistants. However, here are a few reliable websites I have discovered that will help you find the right match to delegate your tasks and save time and money.

  • Job postings at local universities and colleges to hire an intern.
  • Upwork ( for per-task/per-hour hiring.
  •  Zirtual ( for hiring virtual assistants.
  •  Fancy Hands ( for hiring virtual assistants.
  • Freelancer ( for per-task hiring.
  • eaHelp ( for hiring virtual assistants.
  •  “Help wanted” posts on Twitter and Craigslist for assistants.

Benefits Of Delegating Tasks That Are Not Worth Your Time

Examining the commitments you can take on and reflecting on the returns you expect will let you enjoy a work-life balance. 

It will aslo allow you to free up more time, that is, buy time, and attentional space for the other commitments that merit your time.

Commitments that Merit the Monetary Value of Your Time

These may include:

  • Full-time and part-time jobs
  • Owning and maintaining a home.
  • Managing a business.
  • Educational commitments such as attending college or university, or taking part-time courses.
  • Clubs you are involved with.
  •  Friendships and personal relationships.
  •  Skills and hobbies you love to spend time on.

Practical Ways to Evaluate the Worth of Your Time

Today, I have prepared a special task delegation time management challenge for you. You only need to spend 10 minutes on this task to get a deeper understanding of how much your time is worth. This will give you an idea of your tolerance level for delegating or outsourcing tasks in your work or home life.

I challenge for today to measure the value of your time. Think deeply and determine how much you would pay to buy back one hour of your life. 

Consider your income, how valuable time and money are to you, and how busy you are to calculate the cost of hiring someone to help you with your tasks. This would be the most productive calculation you shall ever make!

Also, make a conscious effort to say ‘no’ to 5 things tomorrow, irrespective of how small or large they seem. Think about the obligations and commitments involving your lowest-return tasks. Ask yourself how much value these tasks add to your life, and introspect whether you should eliminate or delegate some of them.

Among the 3 essential ingredients of productivity, is time. Spend your time smartly. Evaluate the worth of your time, and spend your time on what is more valuable to enhance your productivity.

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