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Procrastination and low self-esteem kill any results. Allow your employees to tackle it at their own pace.

Why Virtue Map?

For employees

In one survey, 94% of people indicated that procrastination has a negative effect on their happiness, and 18% indicated that this effect is extremely negative.

Procrastination has been linked to low performance, financial difficulties, and negative self-esteem.

Learning mood regulation abilities through Virtue Map program may help some people overcome chronic procrastination.

For employers & companies

Studies show 76% of employees spend 1 to 4 hours procrastinating on any given day.

Procrastinating 3 hours per day costs businesses $15,000 annually for a $40,000 salaried worker.

Transform your workplace from the inside out

Productivity tools won’t work. Virtue Map allows your team to work on true reasons on why they procrastinate.

How Virtue Map at Work

virtue map app

Step 1. Employee revelations

Employees use our program to uncover the
map of their personal psychology
by gaining a deeper understanding of their procrastination, low self-esteem, or ADHD mental models.

Step 2. Full support

Receive full support from Virtue Map coaches, behavioral specialists and psychologists, so the transformation happens from the inside out, and long-term.

virtue map app
virtue map app

Step 3. Full transformation

Employees start thriving in their new mode of productivity, confidence, and well-being. Imagine what an organisation can achieve with employees that are procrastination-free and guilt-free, full of excitement, opportunities, and achievements.

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