4 Things To Avoid for Better Productivity

We often think about ways to be more productive and what is the most important part of productivity but in our quest to be and do more, we must also consider things that are keeping us from achieving greater productivity.

Before we dive into four behaviors that prevent productivity, let’s agree on what it means to be productive and why it’s important.

What Is Productivity?

When we consider how is productivity defined, it simply refers to how easily and efficiently we’re able to get things done.

What Is the Purpose of Productivity?

Our ability to be productive is important because it allows us to achieve our goals. Typical productivity goals usually involve achieving business, financial, and personal success. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, an ambitious professional, an entrepreneur, or even a student, productivity enables you to enjoy the results you want by successfully accomplishing a series of related tasks.

4 Behaviors That Stand in the Way of Productivity

Just as there are habits that make us more productive, there are also behaviors that keep us from it. Here are four to watch out for:

1. Not Planning and Preparing

Productivity isn’t just about execution but also planning and preparation.

Creating a proper plan and preparing for your tasks before you start helps you become organized and efficient. It helps you approach every task with intention, clarity, and purpose. This helps you associate your tasks with the bigger picture.

2. Not Slowing Down

In this fast-paced world, slowing down seems detrimental to productivity and efficiency. So, people often rush their tasks which often leads to mistakes, inefficiency, and poor quality.

But slowing down helps us avoid errors while improving our productivity, efficiency, and work quality. In the end, it also saves time.

Shoddy work often needs to be reviewed and reworked which can take up more time than doing it right and carefully the first time.

3. Not Stepping Back

People are often afraid of stepping back from their work as they think it kills time and productivity. They want to do everything on their to-do list immediately which can lead to stress, exhaustion, and frustration. But not stepping back and skipping the opportunity to take a look at the bigger picture often has us running empty and heading toward failure.

Stepping back helps you recalibrate and head toward your goals with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. It also helps you outline specific and necessary actions you might have missed while you were mired in small details.

4. Not Resting Enough

Rest isn’t a popular concept in today’s pressure-cooker environment. Pop culture celebrates individuals who can “work hard and play hard” and adages like “no pain, no gain.”

But going along with these beliefs is dangerous. Sleep and rest are integral for happiness, health, and productivity. If you don’t get enough rest, your body stops working optimally and it can be more difficult to sustain the effort you need to be productive.

Create periods of rest and relaxation to restore your mind and body so they can recharge and remain healthy. During breaks, allow your mind to wander and reflect on things that are unrelated to your tasks.

Giving yourself opportunities for spontaneity and freedom helps you refuel and experience moments of creativity.

Self-evaluation is Necessary for Better Productivity 

Sometimes, it’s necessary to look at our behaviors to see if there are aspects keeping us away from productivity. By taking a critical stance, we can pinpoint obstacles (like the four points mentioned in this article) and address them.

Productivity isn’t just about doing the work but entails being adequately prepared to take it on, learning when we need to slow down and pace ourselves, finding time to look at what we’re doing from new angles, and getting sufficient rest.

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