Achieve Peak Productivity by Making Small Tweaks to Your Routine

As the world gets busier, the demand for productivity rises. Understanding what productivity means in today’s age and how to boost it are important. Peak productivity happens when your body and mind are in sync. It’s when you have a clear focus that allows you to achieve goals faster and more efficiently. 

Peak productivity isn’t just about concentration, willpower, or working more. Finding your state of flow can be difficult but it is achievable if you can build an optimal connection between your mind and body. 

Here are some strategies that world-class athletes, leaders, and performers use to change their routines and achieve peak productivity: 


1. Know What Makes You Tick

Spend time gaining awareness of how your body responds to its environment and how your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day. Once you figure out your “biological prime time,” or the time of day when you feel most energetic, you can take on the most important tasks when your ability to focus is at its highest. 

As this strategy becomes part of your daily habits, it will allow you to achieve peak productivity.


2. Do Nothing

Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? But it’s important to dedicate part of your day to clearing your mind, allowing it to remain empty of any concerns. Meditation is one way to go about it but you can also take a walk in the park, play with your pet, or just watch the sunset. Basically, doing nothing can be any activity that lets you break your routine and just be in the moment. 


3. Reframe Your Thoughts

Reframing your thoughts allows you to focus on the moment while avoiding negativity and other intrusions that can ruin your concentration. Creating a schedule and focusing on a specific activity within that given time is helpful. 

This practice makes you calmer and your day less hectic, allowing your mind and body to work together. As it becomes second nature, you get better results


4. Say No To Distractions

We live in a connected world that can be challenging to tune out. But to achieve peak productivity, you need to limit distractions and focus. 

In addition to mobile phones and social media, distractions can come from surrounding noises, pets, and others wanting your attention. If you are intent on finding time for deep work, you need a place where no one can disturb you. This allows you to accomplish more in less time.


5. Take a Break 

No one can stay in the “zone” for more than two or three hours. Once you complete an intensive task, take a break and rest your mind. Short breaks often help your mind and body recharge after two hours of solid concentration. Also, make time for longer breaks though they can be fewer and further in between. You can then achieve greater momentum for other tasks you need to do later in the day. 


Achieve Peak Productivity by Getting To Know Yourself and Being Flexible

Everyone wants to know how to be productive but you’ll often find that the answer lies within. How you spend your day, when your energy peaks, taking breaks, and identifying unnecessary distractions will help you know yourself better and get more done.

You can achieve peak productivity by becoming aware of how your mind and body function and changing your routine to match your observations. You need to be open to experimenting with how you plan your day so you can find out what works best for you. While you may not achieve peak productivity overnight, you can certainly find it by being patient and with consistent effort. 

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