Connecting To Your Future Self

How much thought have you given to your future self?

One’s future self isn’t something that most of us consider. Unfortunately, this creates a disconnect between our present and future selves which is a shame. Knowing how to connect with your future self and changing how you think can help you cultivate a greater sense of satisfaction in your life now, guide your daily priorities, and help motivate you toward long-term goals. This is especially useful if you have a tendency to procrastinate.

But what if you could better connect with your future self? What if by seeing your future self you could find out which achievements really matter? No doubt, you would be a wiser, happier, and more confident individual.

Here’s the good news: you can connect with your future self and it’s probably easier than you think.

In this article, we explore three major benefits of connecting with your future self.

1. You Stop Procrastinating and See Important Life Goals More Clearly

Your future self is a stranger, and that’s probably why you procrastinate. After all, it’s certainly a lot easier to pursue enjoyable activities for the moment if you don’t think much about what your future self values and needs.

But stop and think for a moment about your future self five, ten, or even 15 years down the line. Would this person be happy and content? Are there any regrets that this person would have based on how you’re living your life right now?

When you start to think about the person who will be reading this article in six months or ten years, it’s easier to see what you need to be doing right now.

In contrast, a continued disconnect from your future self will most likely have negative consequences such as:

  • Your future self will have more complex tasks as a result of your procrastination.
  • You’re less likely to save enough money for your retirement.
  • Your future self will be suffering more compared to your present self.

So, don’t push your future self away. Embrace and get to know that person instead.

2. You Feel Empowered

You’ve probably heard the phrase “familiarize your present self with your future self” before. It’s popular advice used in all kinds of contexts, but it’s essential when it comes to empowerment. It’s only by getting to know your future self that you start to see that what you’re consistently doing right now has a major influence on your future self. This leads to a heightened sense of responsibility and empowerment.

Connecting with your future self gives you the foresight to see the ultimate cause and effects of your actions and how they impact the kind of person you’re going to be. You can see how your future self can help your current self by adopting the right goals and habits so you end up living a life with few regrets.

3. You Become More Confident, Satisfied, and Purposeful

If you know where you’re going and how you want to end up, even the small things you do become more meaningful and purposeful because you know why you’re doing them.

YOLO” (you only live once) might be the mantra of today’s youth but living a life of purpose lets you get rid of a lot of the fear and uncertainty that comes with living haphazardly. It lets you evaluate your actions by seeing things through a different lens.

You can still live in the moment and make decisions on the fly but you know your limits better and can make wiser choices, particularly if those decisions have long-term consequences or have the potential to harm others.

Virtue Map: Create a Powerful Connection With Your Future Self

Indeed, the connection you have with your future self can create positive ripples when it comes to how you live your life now and the kind of life you’ll be living a few years from now. A deeper relationship with this persona can help you stop procrastinating, gain a better sense of empowerment, and make you more confident than you’ve ever been.

If you want to establish this all-important connection, explore the Virtue Map website. Our program can give you the tools you need to live more purposefully and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life now and in the future.

You can also take the Virtue Map initial quiz by clicking below to have a plan ready for you in just a few minutes!

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