4 Ways to Improve Productivity Through Self-Compassion

Self-compassionself-kindness, and self-acceptance are powerful tools to improve productivity and performance. But applying them to daily life without support can feel confusing and overwhelming. 

What are some productivity strategies? Integrate these four simple, compassionate daily productivity tips into your everyday life to become more productive and successful.

1. Cultivate a Growth Mindset

A critical factor that distinguishes successful people from everyone else is that they recognize their ability and power to learn and grow.

Your intelligence and abilities are not fixed or set in stone. Get out of the “fixed mindset” and move toward a “growth mindset.” You can achieve more through persistence, dedication, and hard work. 

Learn to view obstacles as challenges you need to overcome instead of roadblocks that will impact your motivation to progress.

Regularly remind yourself that you can learn and grow to become more productive and successful.

2. Appreciate Yourself

Appreciating and rewarding yourself as you try to increase your productivity is crucial. Be kind and compassionate, and reward yourself throughout this challenging process of self-improvement.

The reward should be something you like and make you happy and satisfied. It could mean spending 10 to 15 minutes watching an episode of your favorite show after an intense workout. You can add a dollar to a “Fun and Frivolous Spending” account or treat yourself to a fancy dinner after finishing a big project.

The best rewards are personal and individual; naturally, they differ from person to person.

Rewarding yourself can do wonders to solidify your productive habits and provide motivation. And you can have some fun while you are investing in your productivity.

3. List Your Accomplishments

How to be more productive? Create an Accomplishments List to outline your big and small wins. Regularly review and add to it so you can feel proud of what you have done so far.

Step back from your work and life every week to recognize and appreciate your achievements. As you read the list, pat yourself on the back and celebrate your wins. 

Linking your successes to your productivity will boost your determination and motivation. It will also inspire you to work more intentionally and efficiently.

It will also help you propel yourself into the week ahead and push you to accomplish more. This is especially important when you are working on complex and long-term projects where the results are not immediately apparent.

4. Look At Beautiful Pictures

There is a reason that many productive and successful people hang cute images on the walls of their cubicles.

A study has reported that people who look at cute images enjoy better attention and focus. Viewing these images also improves their performance in tasks that demand behavioral carefulness. This could be because they narrow the breadth of their attentional focus.

Look at pictures of cute baby animals to boost your cognitive performance and help you accomplish more daily.

This tactic may seem to be a bit of a stretch. But it is undoubtedly a lot of fun and a great way to indulge yourself.

Be Compassionate to Yourself to Improve Productivity

The theory of self-compassion for better productivity has merit. When you consider your future self, you will not burden them with responsibilities they cannot handle. Clearing the attentional space to think will give you more clarity and help you feel less pressure.

What are your top productivity hacks for getting things done? Reward yourself regularly, make incremental improvements, work mindfully and intentionally, find your resistance level, and cultivate your focus. These unique productivity tips will help you go easy on yourself and have fun while you invest in your productivity.

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